J.René Coffee Roasters

An Artisanal Coffee Gathering Place


Our Espresso Bar reflects our unending commitment to provide superb espresso based drinks. The blends that make up our espresso are developed for the sole purpose of achieving a unique espresso experience. On some occasions, just the right single-origin espresso can also become part of our espresso offerings. The development of a great espresso can only occur when all the details from seed to cup are evaluated for their ability to produce a unique flavor profile. Its synergy with milk is also very carefully measured. Our espressos are prepared with purpose, balance and in adherence to the standards developed by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). 




Our artisan coffees are brewed using various methods that enhance their flavor.  Our brew methods include all major pour-over methods including Kalitta Wave, Chemex, as well as Siphon Pot and French Press.  We measure our coffee-water ratios, beans, our grind, and our water temperature. We also take into consideration the Soluble Yield for an optimum flavor experience.  The brewing process does not conclude until the flavors are at their peak.  Our Baristas spend countless hours perfecting their skills, understanding the unique qualities of each bean, and making each cup special.  



"...rooted in the tradition and simplicity of artisan baking..." 

We take great pride in our in-house creations, as well as partnering with individuals who understand the importance of creating extraordinary food items that will truly compliment your coffee experience.  Our sweet and savory pastries are rooted in the tradition and simplicity of artisan baking practices that are beautiful to behold, even better to taste.