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Country: Colombia

Region: Nariño

Locality: La Unión

Altitude: 2,050 masl

Process: Washed- Sun dried

Fernando Martinez has a long history with coffee. He started working on coffee farms after finishing primary school, learning the necessary skills from his father. He now lives at El Chupadero with is wife, Daisy. Over the last 20 years they have been managing and improving the farm. Currently, Fernando is budgeting to add a warehouse area at the farm for increased storage and more controlled conditions.


The Cup: Honey, sugarcane fragrance. Orange, blackberry aroma. Honey, sugarcane, orange flavor. Citric acidity. Silky body.

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Through the town of San Augustin runs a river called Los Naranjos. Up the sides of this riverbank in to the mountains is a community of coffee growers with small clean and beautiful farms. Butterflies, Hummingbirds and giant lavender flowers are the norm.

This land is buffeted on the west by a 500 sq mile biosphere reserve called Cueva de los Quacharo. It is the place where two of Colombia's three mountain ranges converge and where ancient peoples lived and carved giant stone figures. It is a special place and the people who live here believe that the great forest tracts of the natural preserve protect their land from the violence of weather and give them a calm, peaceful place to live and farm.

In 2001, Some of the farmers of this area got together with the intentions of improving their managerial skills and gaining access to the elusive “specialty coffee market,” and they formed an association called La Asociacion Los Naranjos de San Augustin.

Today there are 50 growers/members with about 150 hectares in coffee. Average size of a farm is 2.8 hectares. Yield is between 1,500 and 2,000 Kg per Hectare during the main crop and about half that during the fly crop.

ORIGIN:  Colombia

REGION:  San Agustin, Huila

FARM:  Various small-holders

VARIETAL:  Caturra, Typica, Bourbon, Castillo

ALTITUDE:  1350-1900 masl

PROCESS:  Fully washed and dried