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We are happy to announce two new arrivals at our store. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe “YirgZ” and Sidamo “Ardi” from Keffa Coffee Importers.

I had the priviledge of befriending Sam Demitesse, owner of Keffa Coffee, at the SCAA Coffee Convention in Portland two years ago.  At the conclusion of the show, Sam spotted me walking through downtown Portland, and took it upon himself to introduce me to the many great roasters that have contributed to the big coffee scene in Portland.  I soon realized that Sam, was the man to know.  Sam is a proud member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), Rosters Guild, Certified Q-Grader and 2nd place winner of 2011 & 2013 United States Cup testers championship!!  We’re proud to introduce two of his finest offerings.  Thanks Sam!

ETHIOPIAN SIDAMO “ARDI”: There is no doubt that Ethiopian Ardi is complex. The cup begins savory sweet with passion fruit and flowery notes.  The acidity is soft and the mouthfeel syrupy.  Hints of dark cocoa, cedar and lavender permeate the cup.

ETHIOPIAN YIRGACHEFFE “YIRG –Z”: “Yirg-Z” takes 6 minutes to sort up defect beans by hand on conveyer belt per 10kg batch in comparison of other conventional coffees taking only 2 minutes per 24Kg.  Floral and tea notes accentuate the cup.  Medium bodied and delightful brightness softly develop as the cup begins to cool.  Crushed pepper, and dark chocolates also present. 


Welcome to our website! The new platform looks very different and is designed to make our products and services more accessible to our valued customers. It is also designed to keep the information current and relevant.  We adopted many of your suggestions and recommendations in the hopes of making your online experience meaningful and personal.

There is more content to explore and additional content that will roll out in the coming months, but here are some of the top features you should know about our new site:

  • A Mobile Friendly Platform:  The website was designed to function on many devices and browsers. Everything you wish to access on your PC can also be available in a mobile friendly interface.
  • Store Hours Display: We have updated the way we post our hours to make them easier and more reliable to find.  Simply view the “CONTACT US” page and you will have access to our current hours and any changes that may occur because of a national holiday. We will also promptly post any changes on our “PENNY NEWS” page.
  • Coffee and Merchandise Available Online:  You can now access our coffee offerings and merchandise online.  Among the many online shopping features, you will find a more comprehensive description of each coffee, additional grind choices to accommodate many brew methods, and our recommended roast styles.  We also have BODUM, BARATZA, CHEMEX, YAMA, TODDY and many more coffee products available online.   
  • “EVENTS” and “PENNY NEWS” page:  We have expanded ways to bring current news and events about coffee and our shop to your attention.  Our “EVENTS” and “PENNY NEWS” pages will now keep you informed of our scheduled music performances, lectures and events with greater ease. We will also keep you informed of newsworthy events and trends affecting coffee and its consumers on a global, national, and local scale.
  • Feedback Form: You will now have the opportunity of providing feedback about your experiences at our shop or to simply share any relevant information by accessing our feedback form located in our “CONTACT US” page. 

Thanks for your patience and your many great ideas!  J.René