J.René Coffee Roasters

An Artisanal Coffee Gathering Place



At J.René Coffee Roasters we are passionate about quality coffee and we seek partners as dedicated to their craft as we are to ours.  We are proud to be one of the most respected specialty coffee roasting companies in Connecticut. It is an accomplishment that we achieved through meaningful partnerships. Our focus is to help create a mutually beneficial artisanal coffee experience premised on the belief that coffee is a powerful social beverage. 


To that end, we roast our coffee to order daily ensuring the freshest possible product. We are also committed to providing the necessary tools to allow others to achieve the same coffee excellence that we strive for in our own coffee shop.

We are committed to offering our wholesale partners:

  • A comprehensive coffee offering of specialty grade coffees from around the world.

  • Training and ongoing quality support that adheres to standards promulgated by the Specialty Coffee Association and other industry leaders.

  • Weekly cupping sessions at our main facility in West Hartford.

  • Competitive pricing and custom roast profiling

  • Private labeling

We look forward to hearing from you!