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J.René Coffee Roasters to compete at the Big Eastern USBC

Every year, baristas from all over the world train to showcase their skills with the hope of being named World Barista Champion. Where does this training begin? It begins right at home. In the United States, it often begins with competing in their regional competition; and in our region, it’s the Big Eastern. Competitors will have fifteen minutes to present three sets of espresso-based drinks: four espressos, four cappuccinos, and four of the barista’s own signature drink. Seven judges will score the barista, four on sensory experience, two on technical skills, and one final head judge. The four sensory judges will focus on the balance, flavor, mouth-feel, and presentation of the beverages, with variation depending on which of the three espresso-based drinks it is. The two technical judges focus on the cleanliness and hygiene, waste management, and technical skills of the barista during the presentation. Finally, the head judge oversees every element of the presentation, from technical to sensory.

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